Frequently asked Questions and
How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, debit card, check( we can choose to deny a check) or
credit card.  Payment is due upon delivery. We accept all of the following
credit cards Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and
all debit cards.  

How long do I get to use the equipment?
Our standard rental rate covers the rental equipment being rented to
you for the whole day.  If you want to rent it for only a few hours it is
the same price.   We don't charge less if you do not get it for the  whole
day  because of our delivery and setup costs.
We will normally set your equipment up at least an hour before the
starting time of your event.  We are the only company that rents for the
whole day without charging extra fees.  

Do you deliver and set up?
Yes! We deliver the equipment, set it up safely, and come back to take
it down at the end of your event. We will cover the safety rules and
equipment guidelines with you and make sure everything is in good
working order before your event starts. Within the immediate
Statesboro area the cost of delivery is included in your rental. Set up
normally takes about 30- 45 minutes per piece of large equipment. If
you live in areas close to Statesboro you may be charge a small fee to
cover our gas prices.  If you live a longer distance we will charge
according to drive time.  These fees are only to cover our gas prices.  

What kind of power is required?
Normally each inflatable runs off a regular 110v outlet on a 20 AMP
circuit – this is usually what you would consider a “normal plug” in most
homes and businesses. If you are renting large equipment or multiple
inflatables, we are happy to discuss the power needs with you ahead of

We rent generators for an additional charge for events in parks or at
locations without sufficient power. Each inflatable must be within 100
feet of the power source (outlet or generator).   We have generators
that are available for rental if you need one for your party.  Please
arrange this before we deliver equipment to your party.  

What type of surface can the equipment be placed on?
Inflatables can be placed on grass, hardwood floors, or low carpeting -
indoors or out. In some cases we can set up on pavement if we are
capable of properly securing the unit with tie downs.  We prefer to set
up on grass because it is safest for the users.

Are reservations necessary?
Yes.  The earlier you book, the greater your selection.  To ensure a good
selection during our peak season March - December, we suggest you call
us as much in advance as possible.  The sooner you can book your event
the better.  Around summer and fall festival time equipment books
quickly!   However, we are happy to help with last-minute plans. If it is
available we will get it to your party.  

Is there a deposit required?
At this time we do not require deposits.  Some customers choose to pay
ahead or send a deposit.  Please make sure you cancel as soon as possible
so we do not have to start taking deposits in the future.  

How much room do I need?
The amount of room required varies with each piece of equipment. As a
rule of thumb, you should add 5' to the width and 10' to the length of any
inflatable. We are happy to discuss space requirements when you make a

What kind of supervision is necessary? PLEASE READ
For the safety of the participants, each piece of our equipment requires
at least one adult supervisor at all times. Some of our larger pieces,
such as slides and obstacle courses, require at least two adult
supervisors. We cannot over-emphasize the need for adult supervision at
all times.  The equipment must have adult supervision until it is picked up
even if your party has ended. Please make sure you supervise that there
JUMPERS!!!! IT CANNOT BE REMOVED. Please do not use it in or around
the equipment.  Thanks so much!!!  If silly spray or any other sticky
substance is used a $500.00 cleaning charge will be billed to you. Also,
do not let animals or anything that can tear or harm the equipment
around it. If damages occur a bill will be sent for charges to repair and
for any rentals that were missed out on while equipment was being
repaired. These pieces of equipment are very expensive to repair.  

What if it rains?
We make every possible attempt to meet your event as scheduled.  
Larger events are often booked with a rain out date.  However, in
severe cases it simply is not safe to operate the equipment.  In these
cases, we do everything possible to reschedule.  We fully understand if a
customer cancels a rental due to weather conditions.  The cancellation
must be the day before your rental. Our rain policy is that once the
equipment is set up it is yours.  If you live a good distance from
Statesboro and the forecast is rain please make sure you call the day
before to cancel services.  We wish that we could be in charge of the
weather. If that were possible we would make sure everyday is

Is the equipment safe?
We inspect every inflatable and blower to make sure it is safe for
operation prior to each rental.  We work hard to keep our equipment in
good repair and will clearly explain the operating rules to you when we
set up the equipment. As with any vigorous activity,
adult supervision
and following the safety guidelines is essential to ensure the safety of
all participants.

How do I make a reservation?
It's easy – call us at (912) 587-3295 or (912) 541-0168 or               
(912) 541-3541. Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss your
event with you and help you determine what is most appropriate for your

What if I want to change my order?
Please give us a call if your needs change – we are happy to change your
order based on equipment availability. The earlier you call, the greater
the selection.  If you are canceling we ask that you do so by calling and
speaking to Tawnya or Brian at least a week in advance.  We have not had
to charge deposits but we do not want to have to do so in the future
from no one calling to cancel.

This is a list of frequently asked questions.  If your question was
not answered, please call or email so we can answer your questions

912-587-3295 or 912-541-0168